Love brought me to the Netherlands. In 2008 I’ve started photographing weddings and since then have served dozens of happy couples.

My photography blends documentary storytelling and the art of classic photojournalism and has appeared in the New York Times, Stern, Guardian and was exhibited in museums.

I believe that you deserve a pure story of your day. In my images, I want to celebrate life together with you. With all its meanings, wonders and imperfections.

On the wedding day, i will be there in the background. I will quietly laugh with you. At times will cry with you. Most importantly I allow myself to be touched by your uniqueness, by your energy and your special bond with your loved ones.

My talent is to translate then all these feelings and emotions into meaningful images for you. Those that we don’t see only with our eyes but feel with our hearts, our memories and life experiences. Images which are intimate and respectful. Images that together tell a story.

Your story!